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10 Stages of Emotion When Someone Asks if You are Pregnant (and you aren’t)

when is it ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant

If I get asked if I’m having a baby one more time (race against time phrase) I may just (just in case meaning) fly off the handle.


I’ll never forget the day I learned you should NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant.  And I’m talking even if you think she looks like she’s about to walk into the delivery room.  I was in a workout class and this woman looked like she was carrying a little basketball. Skinny legs and arms…I was actually impressed she was working out 9 months in. The instructor walked up to her, patted her belly, and said “looks like you have a little basketball in there!”. The woman replied, “no…I’m just fat…which is why I’m here”.  Awkward.

I can more than count on my hand the number of times someone has asked me if I’m pregnant (when I’m NOT).  Shockingly, most often it’s a WOMAN asking me this.  Come on!!! You might expect this from a man…but women should know better.

Now I’ve always had a belly, pooch, muffin top, whatever you want to call it.  Even at my skinniest!  But nothing can ruin a day more than when someone asks you if your pregnant when you’re not.  I mean why don’t you just come out and tell me I look fat?!

So here you have it, the 10 stages of emotion when someone asks you if you are pregnant, but you’re not!

Stage 1:  Shock

Stage 2:  You politely tell them “no, I’m not pregnant”.

Stage 3:  When they try to backpeddle.

Stage 4:  And then won’t stop talking…

Stage 5:  When it starts setting in

Stage 6:  Sadness turns to anger

Stage 7:  What you wish you would have said

Stage 8: What you say you’ll do every day now

Stage 9:  What really happens


Stage 10:  You decide to go all in and start your diet tomorrow.

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    November 14, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Loved this post!! Made me laugh!

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      November 14, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Thanks for taking the time (race against time phrase) to read Kristen! It was good therapy to write this post…have to find the humor in everything!! 🙂

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