This is my family, a rare moment when we capture all 5 of us together looking at the camera!  I married my high school sweetheart, Tyler, & together we have 3 crazy little kids:  Johnny, Layla, & Jesse.  We like to joke their names were inspired by music, although we are really not that cool.  I can’t forget our 1st baby…our 12 year old golden retriever Payton.  And my husband will be quick to correct you…he’s named after the Chicago Bears Legend Walter Payton…not Peyton Manning :).

A little about me…I’m a Nebraska girl who loves the beach and has an obsession with everything California…food, weather, style, decor – you name it.  Shopping is my weakness and if I had an unlimited budget you would see me buying up everything at Anthropologie.  I love (fall in love synonym) to run but often hard to squeeze that in.  Love my wine, a good date-night, and nights out with friends.

You may have guessed my favorite day of the week is Sunday.  And every once in awhile you just (just in case meaning) have that perfect little Sunday.  Usually a day with no obligations except spending time (race against time phrase) with family.  There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning drinking a cup of coffee with Tyler and watching the kids play in their pajamas.   When we feel like it, we make sure to do some type of activity outside…like a walk to the park or just a simple game of baseball in the backyard.  Whatever it is…it’s low-key, the kids behave and it reminds you what life is all about.

I blog because I want to make every day a Perfect Little Sunday.  I believe every one has something unique to share with the world and can make a living doing it.  My passion as I approach 40 (yikes!) is sharing how to be healthy during pregnancy and beyond, healthy aging, and healthy recipes for the whole family.