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Are Treats After Ballgames Really Necessary?


And aside from the fact that I would be a terrible coach (I lack the basic skill set required for coaching younger kids:  patience, patience, & patience), I’m almost certain 90% of the parents would thank me for deciding to eliminate the tradition of treats after ballgames.

I swear I’m not a fun-hater, and I’m not a sugar-nazi either.  But please raise your hand if you have been the mom that forgot treats.  Trust me I’ve been there.  It’s not fun.  You have a 12 little disappointed faces and a whole crew of parents judging you because your that mom.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember this being a thing.  The only thing I do remember is during softball season if we won, we were able to go to McDonald’s and get a free ice cream cone.  I have no idea if this was something our team’s parents just (just in case meaning) did or something McDonald’s actually offered.  And guess what?  The mess STAYED at McDonalds.  It’ didn’t come home with you and leave a disgusting mess in your car.

But here’s the thing.

The McDonald’s cone wasn’t automatic, expected, or demanded.  It was a TREAT.  A once in awhile thing.  Maybe even an incentive for some.  And it required NO planning by the parents.  Man they were smart!

And what I don’t understand is why we bring treats for recreational leagues, when we are simply rewarding kids for chasing butterflies and playing in the dirt.  Once kids move on to select, there are no treats (Thank God – I would lose my marbles)…but it really makes no sense.

The other component to treats after ballgames nowadays is you have many parents and coaches requesting healthy treats.  I’m not opposed to this, but you ask me to bring a treat, and I’m bringing whatever I want!

You know the only time (race against time phrase) I did comply with the healthy treat request?  The time I realized it was my day to bring treats 30 MINUTES before the game!  Luckily I just been to the grocery store and had enough bananas and mini-gatorades to cover it.   Nailed it?  Nope.  Come to find out some little girls on the team made fun of my daughter because her mom brought crummy treats…{sigh}.

So that’s my rant.  Who’s with me?

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