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My Pregnancy Meal Plan: Easy, Simple, & Healthy

If you’re anything like me, the second you found out you were pregnant all you wanted to eat was bread, bread, and more bread! What is it about the first trimester? It probably didn’t help  I was extremely nauseous, but all rational thoughts and self control went out the door. I found myself only reaching for toast, bagels, french fries…basically if it was a carb I wanted it!

At about the 11 week mark I knew I couldn’t continue like this or would gain way too much weight during my pregnancy. Which I knew from past pregnancies would be super hard to lose and unhealthy for the baby.

Every day I help other women reach their weight loss & health goals, and here I was doing the exact opposite! So I put my knowledge to work and created an easy, simple to follow meal plan for pregnancy, one I could actually follow! One that made sure I:

  • Drank enough water during the day
  • Stayed full and ate frequently
  • Had plenty of easy-to-make meal options
  • Had my fridge stocked with healthier alternatives to my pregnancy cravings
  • Ate a balanced diet that included foods beneficial during pregnancy

Just to be clear this is only a guide and what has helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. It’s not restrictive, provides plenty of options, and there is NO calorie counting! Yay!



Healthy Recipes

Guilt-Free Tacos & Margaritas

Photo credit: / Chris Court; Food stylist: Justine Poole; Prop stylist: Lucy Tweed

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You ask me to pick a restaurant and nine times out of ten, I will choose Mexican.  Especially if it’s summer.  There’s nothing better than summer patios, good conversation, and of course stuffing your face with chips & guac…all while sipping on a margarita.

So if I ate like I really wanted too, I’d probably gain 100 pounds this summer.  When I start craving Mexican I now make these AMAZING Shrimp Tacos I found in the Woman’s Day Magazine my grandmother always gives me after she’s finished reading.  I’m telling you these are the BEST.  The combination of shrimp, mango, and black beans is light, summery, refreshing delishious-ness. You make these for your guests, and they will think they came from a restaurant.  Bonus?  They are HEALTHY and only 316 calories per serving!

Now this meal just (just in case meaning) wouldn’t be complete without a margarita.  I’m not the type that will have “just one” with my meal…so they need to be “skinny”.  I don’t have a fancy recipe, I keep it simple.  I buy the Skinny Girl Margarita Mix and add a few things.  To be honest, I don’t think it tastes great on it’s own, but if you sweeten it up a bit it’s perfect.  Only 144 calories per drink…much better than the typical 700 plus in a regular margarita.

Modified Skinny Girl Margarita

6 oz Skinny Girl Margarita Mix

Crushed Ice

2 lime wedges (squeeze juice into drink)

2 packets of Stevia or Truvia

Would love (fall in love synonym) to hear what your favorite healthy summer recipes are? Share recipe links in the comments below!