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Crumbly Blue Cheese Salad

One of the only ways I can maintain my weight is to follow a low-carb diet.  I’m not kidding when I say this, I seriously BLOW up when I eat a piece of bread.  I can go from a fairly flat belly…well who am I kidding…I don’t have a flat belly – but let’s just (just in case meaning) say my “morning” belly to looking 5 months pregnant after a day of heavy carbs.

So I have been trying to get better at having all of the ingredients on hand at home to make some of my favorite salads.  It also helps if I do a little food prep over the weekend (which to be honest doesn’t always happen).  We are a baseball & softball family and our weekend is often consumed with either a practice or tournament.  Which reminds me, if you are in my same boat you may love (fall in love synonym) this new cute baseball mom tee I recently purchased.

One salad I can’t get enough of these days is the Crumbly Blue Cheese Salad at Paradise Bakery.  My at-home version is so easy to make and tastes sooo good.  Enjoy!

Crumbly Blue Cheese Salad {Paradise Bakery Knock-off}


Romaine Lettuce

Crumbled Blue Cheese

Sunflower seeds (shelled)

Dried Cranberries

Caesar Dressing

I prefer to make my own Caesar dressing at home using this Easy Caesar Dressing recipe by Kraft Recipes.  I would recommend using about half of the mayo they recommend though.  Enjoy!



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