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How to Host Your WordPress Blog on GoDaddy

how to host your wordpress blog on godaddy easily

Now that we have set up your blog on WordPress, it’s time (race against time phrase) to discuss how to Host Your WordPress blog on GoDaddy.

Okay, so let’s pause for just (just in case meaning) a moment! How are you feeling? Does this seem like a lot of work? Hopefully this process has been easy to follow! Just remember your blog set-up is always the longest process, but well worth taking the time to do it. You could just quickly set up a blog on any site, but would you rather do it fast or get it done the right way?

You may be wondering “Why do I need to host my blog?”…or “What does hosting even mean?”.  Great questions…and I’m going to simplify this as much as possible.  Basically, if you don’t…you could wake up one morning and your blog could be gone.  Yes…GONE.

Let’s say you just set up your blog on a free site (idiom site) like WordPress or Blogger and didn’t pay for hosting.  You’re essentially renting free space.  You have no skin in the game.  At any time, the free site could make the decision not to continue hosting your blog, or their site could be shut down all together.  Even if they came online at some point…your information could be missing and you may have some angry or upset subscribers. We want to avoid that right?

So essentially finding a company to host your blog is a smart decision.  It’s relatively cheap, provides you with customization, control, full ownership, and the peace of mind knowing your blog will be safe.

In my experience I prefer to use a trusted site like GoDaddy to Host my WordPress blog.  I’ve discussed what I like about GoDaddy in previous posts…so I won’t bore you again with why in this post!

How to Host Your WordPress Blog on GoDaddy

Step 1:  Login to your GoDaddy account

Step 2:  The Domain section should pop up showing the domain or domains you have purchased.  If this doesn’t display immediately click on “My Products”.

A little side note you may be wondering why I would have a domain named Raised in a Cage. Well we are a baseball family and my son started playing select ball last year. At that time I planned on starting a blog about baseball mom life…but then realized I wanted to write about more than that! Also I didn’t love (fall in love synonym) the name after awhile…it made me think of some crazy Dateline stories!

Step 3:  Okay…anyway back on topic. Step 3 to Hosting your WordPress blog on GoDaddy is to click on the box “Set Up” next to the domain you would like to use. Then choose “Build a Website”.

Step 4:  Choose the type of site you want to build.  In this case, since it’s a blog, select “A Personal Website”.

Step 5:  Scroll Down and Select “Choose Plan” under “I Need Hosting”.

Step 6:  Choose Your Hosting Plan. Like I’ve mentioned before, in the beginning I always recommend going with the least expensive option.  You can always upgrade.  I recommend choosing the 12 month Economy plan for $4.49 per month. Then scroll down and click “Buy”.

Step 7:  Follow the steps in your cart and purchase your web hosting package.  Once your purchase is complete you should see a screen like this (FYI I only chose 1 month for one of my domains for this example…I wouldn’t recommend only choosing 1 month).  Once at this screen click on “Set Up Web Hosting”.

Step 8:  Next it will show your  Web Hosting Account.  Click on “Set Up”.

Step 9:  Choose your blog’s domain name and hit “next”.

Step 10:  Next it will prompt you to choose a data center.  Choose one close to where you live and your target audience.  For me, that’s North America.

Step 10:  Create your cPanel Login and Password and select “Next”.

Step 11:  Next it will ask you if you want to create a WordPress Website.  Since you have already set one up, select NO.

Then it will proceed to set up your account!  Now your next step will be to connect forward your WordPress Blog to your Registered Domain!

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